Is it time for upgrades? Working through the Natural Disaster

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It seems that everywhere you look these days there is a new report on a natural disaster. Wildfires, extreme drought, heavy rains, and the ever-more-present monster hurricanes are frequent headlines. As a former golf course superintendent who has had a Cat 4 hurricane bearing down on me, along with many other tropical storms, I can honestly say you are never truly prepared for what comes after the storm.

The process starts immediately with cleanup; then decisions have to start being made quickly to access the real damage – including items that may not be obvious. Did lightening destroy your irrigation control panels? What about a salt water intrusion on a non-salt tolerant turf variety? How you address the down time for cleanup and getting life back to normal can become a great time to start or complete an upgrade.

The 2017 hurricane season was a definitely a newsmaker. During the ensuing time of cleanup, with many operations trying to put their property and lives back together, we have fielded calls for every item mentioned above and more. Along with the turf renovations and property enhancements, many client are looking to remodel everything. Whether you need washed sod for a home or hotel property damaged by the storm; or, are taking the opportunity to change a variety of turf on a golf course green through renovation or just simply want to upgrade enhancements like your outdoor lighting during post storm rebuilding, me and my team are ready to assist! Is it time?